Youth Groups

The Junior (Gr. 6-8) & Senior (Gr. 9-12) Youth Groups meet from 7:00pm to 9:00pm in the St. Peter School Gym bi-weekly. Junior YG (Friday nights) Senior YG (Wednesday nights). All Middle schoolers and high school teens are welcome to join at any time and are encouraged to come to the events on the YG calendar. The YG Calendar & Registration Form can be found in the Religious Education office. Or contact the Director of Youth Ministry –

Our Mission

St Peter’s Church is dedicated to the spiritual growth and maturity of the ever growing “Young Church”. Its goal is to build a strong, reliable, and safe community in which the youth of St. Peter’s, in its diversity and richness, can trust and have fun participating in. Through peer friendship, group meetings, enjoyable games, field trips, the sacraments, and community service, St. Peter’s pushes the youth to grow and build upon their personal relationship with Christ. The passion that envelops the whole of St. Peter’s is one that ultimately leads the youth to become increasingly apart of St. Peter’s parish and live a joyful Catholic life as a witness to Jesus Christ.